• Bands & Musicians

    Build your fan base using proven tools and professional digital campaign strategies

  • Filmmakers & Stand-Ups

    Build supportive communities based on your storytelling and visual presentation

  • Campaigns & Activism

    Jumpstart your candidacy or cause with free voter data and detailed list imports

  • Music-Related Brands

    Reinforce loyalty using strategic artist relations and targeted community development campaigns

  • Independent Venues

    Become known for your venue's unique sound, then start drawing crowds regardless of the artists you book

  • Event Organizers

    Build your audience and plan your events from one common platform with email, texting and social

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Strategic communications for rockstars and radicals

J. Lilly Strategy is the Los Angeles-based communications firm focused on campaign strategy and community development for entertainers and activists.

We help creative artists and advocacy groups develop fan bases with the same tools successful political organizers use to rally supporters, raise money and win campaigns. Strategic communications for rock stars and radicals.

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