NationTrainer | Services

NationBuilder Training

On-boarding staff and candidates to the NationBuider campaign platform; setting up your website; connecting social media accounts; importing Excel files; filtering voter data; preparing email blasts; creating call sheets and walk sheets.   

Voter Information

Preparing, importing and reviewing public voter information files; checking voter districts and precincts; establishing voter outreach criteria; backing up customized datasets. 

Database Management

Collecting, analyzing and filtering incoming contact information; establishing ladders of engagement for fans and followers; developing strategic communication campaigns. 

Brand & Product Naming

Developing and testing names, brand research, domain and social account availability, design concepts and more. 

Copy Writing

Written words for campaigns, products, and brands. 

Social Media

Posting, scheduling and monitoring platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and SnapChat. 

Email Campaigns

Message development, graphics, scheduling and reviewing statistics for mass email blasts. 

Content Production

Writing, graphic design, video and podcast creation.

Community Development

Establish and manage online groups, real life events, and group communications. 

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